Meet The Team

Cave Explorer

Amber Koski

Grade 4K, Advisor


Early Childhood, Special Education Instructor

Dedicated and compassionate, Amber has been with the School District of Waupaca for seven years. She loves working at the CEC and taking advantage of the outdoor spaces it provides. Amber is originally from the U.P. of Michigan and enjoys traveling and learning new things.


Katelyn Pauling

Grade K, Advisor

Creative and efficient, Katelyn has been with the School District of Waupaca for several years. Katelyn previously taught 1st grade and looks forward to this new adventure. Oh, and she LOVES glitter!

Grass and Flowers

Kristin Doscher

Grades 1-2, Advisor

Friendly and fun loving, Kristin joins us this year with a background in inquiry-based learning. She is a world traveler and formerly taught in New Zealand!

Brainstorm to Success

Lori Wolff

Grades 1-2, Advisor

Positive and eager, Lori has been with the School District of Waupaca for many, many years. She brings her enthusiasm to project-based learning! She is dedicated to her students and willing to help in any way possible to make sure they succeed.

Yellow Kayak

Brianna Hass

Grades 3-5, Advisor

Positive and productive, Brianna has been teaching since 2016. She lead a kindness crew in her previous school and strives to actively differentiate for all learners. Welcome to the team!

Ice Cream Party

Holly Olsen

Grades 3-5, Advisor

Compassionate and considerate, Holly has been with us from the beginning. She is a teacher trainer for Project Lead the Way. She is never afraid to roll up her sleeves and help the team. In the summer you may find her at a local ice cream shop!

School Supplies

Catherine Seifert

Grades 3-5, Lead Advisor

Gentle and kind, Catherine has been with the district for several years, beloved by all. Catherine passionately seeks out opportunities for project-based learning that hook students and create meaningful experiences.

Hikers in Mountainous Landscape

Devon Feldt

Grades 6-8, Advisor

Passionate, energetic, lively, and fun, Devon follows in the footsteps of both his parents and as a graduate of the School District of Waupaca. Devon loves being outdoors and is committed to sharing this passion with all of his students. We are lucky to have him on our team!

Sunset in the Woods

Ty Natzke

Grades 6-8, Advisor

Creative and outgoing, Ty has been teaching grades 6-8 since 2016. ty encourages creativity and curiosity through choice which makes him perfect for CEC. Welcome Ty!