Meet The Team

Student Writing

Lori Christian

Support Instructor

Reading Braille

Tricia Deuman

Instructional Coach


Susan Dolski

School Counselor

Psychologist for Children

Jenny Gross

School Psychologist


Michlle Guay

Speech & Language Pathologist

Child In Speech Therapy

Renee Harms

Speech & Language Pathologist

Burst of Light

Alex Hazen

Health Aide


Dawn Jacobs


Dependable and energetic, Dawn has been working for the Waupaca School District for 20 years. She is always focused on keeping a clean, sanitized, and safe environment and is always up for tackling any new challenge the day brings. Dawn also loves the great outdoors.

Colorful Erasers

Jennifer Miller

Special Education Instructor


Tricia Nevala

Instructional Coach