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Our mission: create and manage a place and space to provide fresh produce and
agricultural opportunities to students and the community of Waupaca. 


Community Plots

All plots are 8 ft. x 10 ft. in size. The garden has automated irrigation on a timer. The regular garden work times were successful with positive feedback, so these will continue. If you have more questions please reach out at

Reserve a Garden Plot for Summer 2024

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Please email with any questions or concerns to Mary Kaye Ristow.

A Brief History

The CEC Inc. is run by a volunteer governance board that operates, monitors, and guides the project-based charter school, and manages the community garden located on school grounds. Formerly the Waupaca Community Garden, this is CEC Inc.’s sixth year managing the 1/2 acre garden, which has a 14-year history. Since 2018, we have developed and strengthened a variety of partnerships: Wild Ones, Tomorrow’s Children, Waupaca Library, Board of Education, Living the Waupaca Way, The Arts Hub, The Hunger Network, Turner's Farm Market and various local farmers; and within the Waupaca County Community Garden Committee, catalyzing collaboration between community garden boards.

Committee members: President, Mary Kaye Ristow; Vice-President, Catherine Seifert; Treasurer, Sandy Robinson; Secretary, Kelli Turner, Ryan Anderson, Lori Wolff, and Megan Sanders.



Check out our current garden news


Volunteer Opportunities

The Chain Community Garden operates as a donation garden with a focus on production. Eight community plots are open to the public.   Produce is donated to various sites in the Waupaca community: The Little Free Pantry (inside library), Foundations for Living, BreadBasket, Senior Center, etc. We need volunteers to help harvest produce and deliver to these sites. 

Donation Schedule

Monday @ 8:30 a.m.: The Little Free Pantry

Tuesday 12:00 - 3:30 p.m.: BreadBasket

Wednesday after 9 a.m.: Foundations for Living

Thursday 9-10:00 a.m.: Senior Center

Friday @ 8:30 a.m.: The Little Free Pantry

We harvest in the early mornings and early evenings. Help is always welcome! Our shed has volunteer information if a garden expert is not present.

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