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A word from our CEO & Administrator, Carrie Naparalla

     While I really cannot believe my first year has come to a close, I am so thrilled about all we can accomplish over the next several years. I look forward to learning more about and investing in the Waupaca Community, gaining partnerships which enhance our student projects and service learning work, designing a 4K-8 project plan with aligned standards and rubrics, creating and implementing a PLP structure which will follow a student all through their educational journey at CEC, and most importantly, growing those relationships with our students, staff, and the families who support the work we do! As Katharine Graham said:  “To love what you do and feel that it matters-how could anything be more fun?” 



Image by Ed Robertson

Carrie Naparalla
CEO & Administrator

Thoughtful and passionate, Carrie joined the Waupaca and CEC family in July 2020. We are thrilled to have her extensive knowledge of project-based learning and charter schools. She is a fierce protector of friends and family, loves to read and is a doting dog mama. 

"Many years ago, I spent two weeks mountain biking in Scotland with a High Adventure Youth Group."


Alex Hazen
Interim Administrative Assistant

Positive and adventurous, Andrea has been with the School District of Waupaca for 6 years. She always has a positive attitude and is eager to help others. She is married and has 4 children. 



Trail in Woods

Amber Koski
4K Advisor, Early Childhood
& Special Education

Dedicated and compassionate, Amber has been with the School District of Waupaca for eight years. She loves working at CEC and taking advantage of the outdoor space it provides. Amber enjoys traveling and learning new things.

"I am a Yooper."

Katelyn Pauling
Kindergarten Advisor


Creative and crafty, Katelyn has been with the district for several years; previously a 1st Grade teacher. When she is not at school she is busy with her kids and crafting.

"I love glitter! I use it to make tumblers, signs, shirts and more. We use it often in my classroom."


Diver int he Reef

Kristin Doscher
Advisor, Grades 1-2

Friendly and energetic, Kristin joined us a few years ago with a background in inquiry-based learning. She is a world traveler, athlete and burrito lover.

"I have gone bungee jumping in New Zealand, hang gliding in Brazil, and scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!"


Lori Wolff
Advisor, Grades 1-2

Positive and eager, Lori has been with the district for many years. She is dedicated to her students and willing to help to make sure they succeed.


Ice Cream Scoops

Holly Olsen
Advisor, Grades 3-4

Compassionate and patient, Holly has been with us from the beginning. She is never afraid to roll up her sleeves and help the team. In summer months you may find her at a local ice cream shop!

"I have lived in four states."

Paint Swatches

Catherine Seifert
Advisor, Grades 3-4

Gentle and kind, Catherine is beloved by all. Catherine passionately seeks out opportunities for project-based learning that hook students and create meaningful experiences. She is a coffee drinker, runner and outdoor enthusiast.

"I have a workshop where I dabble in all kinds of art and projects! I'm always up for a good project!"



Brianna Haas
Advisor, Grades 5-6

Positive and organized, Brianna lead a kindness crew in her previous school and strives to actively differentiate for all learners. Brianna is a bookworm, dog mom, athlete, oboist, traveler and Kenoshian.

"I got the chance to meet and pet a South African penguin named Tweedle at the New Zoo in Green Bay, an she also painted me a picture!"

Colorful Yarn Collection

Mackenzie Loken
Advisor, Grades 5-6

Confident and bold, Mackenzie is a Waupaca native. She is a dog mom, avid reader and board game lover.

"I have shaved my head twice, once to raise money for the St. Baldricks Foundation, and once just because I wanted to!"



Devon Feldt
Advisor, Grades 7-8

Energetic and determined, Devon follows in the footsteps of both his parents as a graduate and employee of the district. Devon spends his time as a dad, hunting and listening to audio books.

"I spend hours and walk many miles each spring in search of shed antlers."

Fish Tacos

Ty Natzke
Advisor, Grades 7-8

Clever and outgoing, Ty has been teaching grades 6-8 since 2016. Ty encourages curiosity and voice in the classroom. The students enjoy his passion for tech and innovation. Ty is a home chef, Dungeon Master and taco enthusiast.

"I can give scene-for-scene descriptions and analysis of the 1991 classic film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 11: Secret of the Ooze."



Craft Supplies

Delaney Barbeau
Makerspace & Educational Assistant

Inventive and adventurous, Delaney loves to travel. She encourages an innovative environment that inspires kids to create and challenges them to rethink the world around them. 

"I am 1 of 12 children in my family; the fourth oldest out of the 12."

art intro

Mackenzie Burns
Advisor, Art

Creative and thoughtful, Mackenzie has been teaching Elementary Art in the district since 2017. She is a mom who loves to laugh.

"I love bluegrass-style music, and I play upright bass and sing in a couple of bands."

Sheet Music

Emma Kelley
Advisor, General Music & Choir

Energetic, bubbly and fun loving, Emma joins us for her first year in the district. Emma has a bird backpack for Joe Joe, her pet bird that travels everywhere with her!

Hiking Boots

Cory Scott
Advisor, Lifestyle Fitness

Compassionate and energetic, Cory joins us this year to continue our unique approach to Physical Education. He is an adventurer who loves the outdoors.


"I am afraid of humidity and love near freezing temperatures as my ideal climate."




Vanesa Buhler
Educational Assistant

Caring and adventurous, Vanesa assists and supports our students every day. She is a mom and cat lover.

"I met and shook Johnny Depp's hand, also swam with dolphins."

Inside Greenhouse

Barb Rusch
Educational Assistant

Reliable and friendly, Barb has been with the district for many years. She is a grandma and a "farm girl."

"I walked/ran in a Disney Princess half marathon."

Hands in heart

Delaney Barbeau
Educational Assistant

Inventive and adventurous, Delaney loves to travel. She encourages an innovative environment that inspires kids to create and challenges them to rethink the world around them. 

"I am 1 of 12 children in my family; the fourth oldest out of the 12."

Hands in heart

Garrett Hopkins
Educational Assistant

Garrett joins us this year with a background in Environmental Education Welcome to the team!



Holding Hands Up High

Lori Christian
Support Instructor

Dedicated and ambitious, Lori assists in differentiating learning environments for all. She is a dog mom, kid at heart, and artistic. 

"Ice fishing is one of my favorite things to do!"

Emoji Tape

Susan Dolski,
School Counselor

Compassionate and understanding, Susan provides emotional supports for all our students. Susan loves yoga, hiking, camping, knitting, and spending time with family.

"I'm a Jack of all Trades. In addition to school counseling, I am a certified social worker and I have worked in business/marketing. In my spare time I work as an independent stylist."

Bright Room

Jenny Gross
School Psychologist

Kindhearted and encouraging, Jenny, helps students process and plan goals while promoting positivity. Jenny is a wife, mom and traveler and crafter. 

"I love warm weather and summer more than most. My favorite thing to do is travel and visit beautiful beaches. One time I was even able to swim with sting rays and hold one!"

First Aid

Alex Hazen
Health Aide

Warm and kind, we are lucky to have Alex on staff! Alex is a dog-mom, life long learner, traveler, foodie, and crafter.

"I am a licensed cosmetologist. I still do hair for family and friends, including some staff at CEC!"

Cleaning Products

Dawn Jacobs

Spontaneous and dynamic, Dawn keeps our school clean and orderly. She is a Mom and Grandma who loves dreaming of the great outdoors while enjoying a cup of coffee.

"When I was a kid I used to climb trees to hide from my mom. I started Kindergarten at the age of 3!"

Complete Giraffe Puzzle 2

Jennifer Miller
Special Education Instructor

Daring and creative, Jennifer works with our students to ensure success. She loves adventures, baking, crafting and being a Mom.

"I went skydiving for my birthday a couple years ago and I can't wait to do it again!"


Michelle Guay
Speech & Language Pathologist

Stacking Blocks

Tricia Deuman
Instructional Coach

School Notebook

Tricia Nevala
Instructional Coach



Zero Waste Grocery Bag

Cindy Christensen
Food Service

Spontaneous and adaptable, Cindy provides our students with the nutrition to succeed! Cindy is a Mom and Grandma that  loves to fish, hunt and camp.


Shari Erickson
Food Service

Friendly and warm, Shari always has a smile to give! She is a Mom and Grandma that loves to garden, cook, fish and camp.



Chris Jaenke
Library Media Specialist

Devoted and precise , Chris creates a cozy space for our young readers. Chris is a bookworm, quilter, Mom and Grandma.

"I can write backwards."

"Books" Sign

Library Aide

Position is open and looking to be filled.