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Encouraging Diverse Learners

The multi-age setting enables our community to see all of our students as diverse learners.  This structure naturally allows differentiation and flexibility with a focus on ability level rather than grade level.  Students will engage with students of all ages in our multi-age study room and project work room to encourage multiple perspectives and collaboration across the grades.

Kids in Art Class


Agriculture, Environmental, STEM, and the Arts

The four cornerstones represent the focus areas to allow students the opportunity to explore fields of study.  The students will use these focus areas to guide project creation in one of the areas each quarter.  The arts will be infused throughout the year with our music program, featuring our string instrument program and partnership with the Aber Suzuki Center UWSP.


Place-Based Learning

An emphasis on community involvement from volunteers to field experts enhance the projects for the students creating authentic, relevant learning experiences, shaping the community of tomorrow.  The school sits on 25.5 acres of land with access to Silver Lake, trails, Community Garden, and fruit orchard.


Preparing our Students for the Future

(link to 21st Century Skills Rubric)

Students at Chain Exploration Center develop and foster "soft skills" through the project process.  Each year students in the CEC have learning targets for each category of 21st Century Skills.  Each student graduates 8th grade proficient in all competencies, preparing them to be successful in high school and college.


Student-Led and Standards-Based

(link to power standards)

Students at Chain Exploration Center engage in standards-based, student-led projects.  Student-led projects harness the power of engagement offering a method for students to take control of their learning through personal interest and choice.  Advisors monitor and guide the project selection process to ensure all national standards are met.  Several community partnerships provide authentic opportunities within the project structure for our students.


S.T.E.M. Curriculum

Project Lead the Way Launch is a K-5 program designed to introduce the STEM field with a hands-on approach.  Launch includes 28 modules that students will explore over their K-5 career.

Project Lead the Way Gateway, grades 6-8, focuses on 

 computer science, engineering, and biomedical science.  Students are able to explore these fields with engaging curriculum.


Math Curriculum

Into Math uses an approach focused on a growth mindset for students and real feedback from teachers to drive growth for every learner.

Ed (the online component of the program) provides assessment and data analytics on student performance that lead to identifying students' needs, grouping of students who have similar needs/strengths for small group or individual work, and assignment recommendations.  In this way, learning is personalized to student needs.


Students working in other grade level standards also use Kahn Academy, Happy Numbers, and Xtra Math as supplemental online programs.


Makerspace, F.A.C.E., Foreign Language, Choir, Art

     Begning in grades 4-6, students are give the option to choose four of the above electives along with a required Physical Activity class.  These are semester long classes to ensure opportunity for all.

     Students currently enrolled in grades 2-3 attend Physical Activity, General Music, and Art.


String Orchestra

We have partnered with the Aber Suzuki Center at University of Wisconsin Stevens Point to offer students in grades 4th - 6th string lessons for free.  Students choose between Cello, Violin, Viola, and Bass for a minimum of three years with the option of continuing on after this time.

The Suzuki Method offers a unique teaching method that mimics language acquisition and operates with the guiding belief that "all children can"; that musical talent is not innate, but learned.


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