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Community Engagement

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Seven community plots have been planted and growing! Plot participants include Tomorrow's Children, three community members, a CEC advisor and her family and two CEC families.

Thank you to our community partners! We appreciate your continued support!

  • TURNERS FARM MARKET: thank you for sweet corn, soil, discounted plants and sharing your wisdom and knowledge!

  • PURSLANE FARMS: thank you for a monetary donation as a result of plant sales.

  • GARMON'S FARM MARKET: thank you for a generous donation of tomato and pepper plants.

  • AQUAMOS: thank you for coffee compost with cans.

  • SUNDOWN IRRIGATION: thank you for the anticipated installation of irrigation.

  • STEINS GARDEN: thank you for donation of seeds.

  • CEC AND SUMMER SCHOOL STUDENTS & STAFF: thank you for planting, weeding and watering the garden!

  • VOLUNTEERS: thank you for logging over 30 hours during the steamy month of June!

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